8 Reasons to use the Konkoit App

by The Konkoit Team

The Konkoit Mobile App is a unique, feature-rich global bird and wildlife tool.  It is for everyone from the avid birder to those with a more general love of nature and animals. 

But will the app work for you?

Here are 8 reasons why you should download and use the Konkoit Wildlife App today. 

1 – Konkoit is free and easy to use

The Konkoit App is free to download for both IOS and Android.   Despite the long list of features, the App is intuitive and easy to use.

2 – Konkoit provides information on Birds and Mammals

No matter where you are Konkoit will be useful.   The app covers 16 100 + species of birds and mammals from every corner of the globe with distribution maps, sightings data, photos and general information.

Your location determines which birds and mammals you see, meaning that you are always looking at the most relevant species.

3 – Konkoit customises your birding and nature experience

The Konkoit App is personalised based on your location, interests and community of friends. 

As you use the App, what you see and experience on the app will change to reflect what birds and mammals you have seen in the past.

Recommendations, notifications and news will follow your preferences and progress.  The App experience is different for each Konkoit user.

You can add your own photos, notes and comments to personalise the App even more. 

You also choose who to follow.

4 – Konkoit keeps track of what you see, with no hassles

Konkoit is the ideal platform to keep track of all your bird and mammal sightings, all with a few quick taps on your phone.  Life, year and location lists are automatically created and your tallies updated.

Sighting information can be edited or deleted easily and you can customize each sighting by adding notes or your own photographs.

5 – Konkoit helps you find target species

Are you looking to see a particular species?   Is a specific bird or mammal still missing from your lifelist?

With species specific maps you can see the global distribution of all bird and mammal species.  You can also find specific places where other Konkoit users have recently or regularly seen the species.

There are also detailed species lists for locations around the world.  The App also shows you a list of the closest places where any particular species have been seen.

You are also connected with bird or nature guides that specialise in showing clients a specific species.

6 – Konkoit delivers nature news and customized alerts

The App delivers daily bird, animal, nature and conservation stories and news.   

You can also access any news or posts from your community or the people that you follow on Konkoit.

You are able to join the conversation and like or comment on any post you see in your feed. 

You can also choose to get notifications when a species of interest to you have been seen by others.

7 – Konkoit creates connection with a like-minded community

You can use the Konkoit App to find and then stay in touch with friends and people that share your nature interests via general posts or direct messages. 

The App is also a platform to find and connect with bird or nature guides in your area or in places you are looking to visit.

8 – Konkoit is a tool to plan and keep track of birding and safari trips With Konkoit you can create in-app trips.  This then keeps track of what you have seen and what you would still want to target on a single or multi-day trip.

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