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Easy to record and manage your observations:

Using the smart phone App you can to record the bird being observed, automatically capturing the date, time and the location. At the end of the day, or observation period, you can upload your sightings to the Konkoit web site from where you can manage your observations.

Using the convenience of a laptop or computer you can use the Konkoit web site where you can edit and add to your new and past observations, such as photos, other media, and notes.

Global bird list sorted by region

Konkoit has a global species list, as per IUCN and Birdlife, sorted into regions. Therefore you can only view the birds that occur in your region, and filter that down to the birds within your immediate location. If you are planning to travel, you can simply upload the species list of region to where you will be travelling to and the observations made there will be added to your observation and life list.

Automatically maintain your life list

Konkoit will automatically maintain and update your life list with the observations you add, and will allow you to import old observations and export your current observations and life list.

Sharing observations

Your observations will be shared with the Konkoit community, and at the same time you can see what the community has observed. This can be seen as the latest observations in your area, or by species.

You may follow a fellow birder or a specific species, whereby you will receive updates to the entries and observations made by your fellow birder, and track a bird's observations that you are interested in. Using your smart phone or the web site you can see the observations made for a species in your area

The App maps recent sightings made by other Konkoit members and provides bird distribution maps, photographs and sounds.

Konkoit is the first application where we use the combination of the internet and a smart phone to fully manage and share the observations of birds around the globe. We hope that this application will make your birding experience easier and more productive. We appreciate any feedback on how we can improve the application. You can contact us at info@konkoit.com.