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Welcome to Konkoit, the application that will allow you to record, manage and share your birding observations and experience anywhere in the world, unique way of enjoying birds and birdwatching by combining global species information, personal record keeping and interaction with your local and global birding community.

This is done through the interaction of our Mobile App (Apple Appstore and Goole Play Store) and this website. Registration, downloads and use of the website and Mobile App is free but we do charge a small subscription fee for extended use in order to fund development. Please visit both to learn more and give us a try!


Use your iPhone or Android smart phone to record your birding observations using the accompaning App that is available from the Apple store and Google Play Store. The smart phone App will allow you to record the bird being observed, automatically recording date, time and the location if the GPS is enabled. At the end of the day, or observation period, you can upload your sightings to the Konkoit web site from where you can manage your observations.

The species list contains the list of birds for your selected location. From here you can record observations, view your lifelist and view your current observations.

From this screen you can also search, access the main menu and view species info with photos, audio, distribution maps and latest observations.

Birds with the green bird icon next to their names are birds that are on your life list. This means they have been uploaded to the website and shared with the Konkoit community.

Birds the have a green eye icon next to their name represent observations you have made that have not been uploaded to the Konkoit website yet.

Making an observation is really simple. Just tap on the name of the bird and hit the red record button at the bottom of the screen. If you have GPS enabled, the app will record your GPS coordinates along with the observation.

After the observation is uploaded to the website, others will be able to see your observation on the map.


Using the Konkoit web site you can edit and add to your observations. Items such as photos, other media, and notes of your observations can be added to each observation. Konkoit will automatically maintain and update your life list with the observations you add, and will allow you to import old observations and export your current observations and life list.

Manage your observations

Allow others to see your observations


Konkoit allows you and other users to share your observations, photos, comments, notes, trips, etc. with other birders. You may follow a fellow birder or a specific species, whereby you will receive updates to the entries and observations made by your fellow birder, and track a bird's observations that you are interested in. Using your smart phone or the web site you can see the observations made for a species in your area.

Konkoit is the first application where we use the combination of the internet and a smart phone to fully manage and share the observations of birds around the globe. We hope that this application will make your birding experience easier and more productive. We appreciate any feedback on how we can improve the application. You can contact us at info@konkoit.com.