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Toucanet, Black-throated
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Aulacorhynchus atrogularis
Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Central America and Caribbean, Central America excluding Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Global, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, South America Read more
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Partners in Flight estimate the total population to number 50,000-499,999 individuals (A. Panjabi in litt. 2008). ...
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Like other toucans, the Emerald Toucanet is brightly marked and has a large bill. The adult is 30–35 centimetres (12–14 in) long and weight can range from 118–230 grams (4.2–8.1 oz)[ 2] [ 3] The sexes are alike in appearance, although the female generally is smaller and slightly shorter-billed. It is, as other members of the genus Aulacorhynchus, mainly green. The vent and tail-tip are rufous. The bill is black with yellow to the upper mandible (amount depends on the exact subspecies) and, in all except the nominate (prasinus) and wagleri groups (see Taxonomy), a white band at the base of the bill. The members of the caeruleogularis group have a rufous patch near the base of the upper mandible, while some members of the albivitta group have a rufous patch near the base of the lower mandible. The throat is white in the nominate and the wagleri group, blue in the caeruleogularis and cognatus group, pale grey-blue in the lautus group, blue or black in the atrogularis group, and white or grey-blue in the albivitta group. The eye-ring ranges from blue to red, in some subspecies very dark, almost appearing blackish from a distance. The legs are dull greyish and the iris is dark. ...
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