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Stork, Milky
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Mycteria cinerea
Asia, Cambodia, Global, IndoChina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam Read more
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Silvius and Verheugt (1989) estimated 5,000 individuals in Sumatra in the late 1980s, and M. Silvius (in litt. 2002) estimated 100-150 individuals in Java. The total in Indonesia is now likely to be in litt. 2005). Population in Malaysia estimated to be 10 in 2005, with 20-30 in Cambodia (H. Chamnan ...
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This medium-sized stork can reach a height of 91 to 95 cm (36 to 37 in), with a wing chord length of 43.5–50 cm (17.1–20 in), a culmen length of 19.4–27.5 cm (7.6–10.8 in), a tarsus length of 18.8–25.5 cm (7.4–10.0 in) and a tail of 14.5–17 cm (5.7–6.7 in).[ 2] The sexes look similar. The plumage is general white contrasted with a naked red face and a long shiny green-black tail and flight-feathers. ...
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