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Starling, Pohnpei
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Aplonis pelzelni
Asia, Global, Micronesia Read more
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The population is assumed to be tiny (fewer than 50 individuals and mature individuals), with just three unconfirmed sightings, local reports and a single salvaged specimen since the 1970s. ...
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The Pohnpei Starling reached a size of 19 cm. It was generally dark with sooty brown upperparts. The head was darker and exhibit a black forehead and black lores. The wings, the rump, the uppertail coverts and the tail were paler and were showing a stronger brown colouring at the head. The underparts were washed olive brown. The bill and the feet were black. The iris was brown. The juveniles were looking similar to the adults except for the upperparts of their plumage which had exhibit a paler brown. Its call consists of a bell-like shrill see-ay. ...
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