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Snipe, Noble
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Gallinago nobilis
Colombia, Ecuador, Global, South America, Venezuela Read more
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This species is classified as Near Threatened as there is evidence that hunting and the loss and degradation of its habitats are likely to be driving an on-going and moderately rapid decline in its population. If evidence were to suggest a more rapid decline in its population, it might be eligible f ...
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This 30-32.5 cm long snipe has a stocky body and relatively short legs for a wader. Its upperparts, head and neck are streaked and patterned with dark brown and buff, and gold edges to the feathers form distinct lines down its back. The belly is white with brown barring on the flanks. The horn-coloured bill is very long and straight. The legs and feet are greyish-green. The sexes are similar, but females are longer billed; immature birds differ only in showing pale fringes on the wing coverts. The Noble Snipe has a clear melodious call. ...
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