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Shearwater, Buller's
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Ardenna bulleri
Alaska, Asia, Australasia, Australia, British Columbia, California, Canada, Central America and Caribbean, Chile, Ecuador, Global, Japan, Melanesia, Mexico, Micronesia, New Zealand, North America, Oregon, Peru, Polynesia, Russia, South America, United States, Washington Read more
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The total population is estimated at 2.5 million birds (Marchant and Higgins 1990), although this is now likely to be too high (G. Taylor in litt . 2012). ...
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Adults birds are 46–47 cm in length, with a 97–99 cm wingspan, and have been recorded to weigh 342-425 g. The upperside of Buller's Shearwater is bluish grey. A blackish stripe runs from the tertiary remiges to the primary wing coverts. The primary remiges are blackish also; the two black areas do not meet at the hand however; the area between them is a rather light gray, under bright light it may appear almost white. With the bird facing upwards, the pattern gives the impression of a broken black "M", with light gray interspersing areas.[ 2] ...
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