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Shag, European
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Phalacrocorax aristotelis
Africa, Albania, Asia, Atlantic Islands, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, British Isles, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eastern Europe excluding Russia, England, Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Global, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Middle East, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Africa, Northern Ireland Read more
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This species has a very large range, and hence does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under the range size criterion (Extent of Occurrence <20,000 km2 combined with a declining or fluctuating range size, habitat extent/quality, or population size and a small number of locations or severe ...
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This is a medium-large black bird, 68–78 cm long and with a 95–110 cm wingspan. It has a longish tail and yellow throat-patch. Adults have a small crest in the breeding season. It is distinguished from the Great Cormorant by its smaller size, lighter build, thinner bill, and, in breeding adults, by the crest and metallic green-tinged sheen on the feathers. Among those differences are that a shag has a lighter, narrower beak; and the juvenile shag has darker underparts. The European Shag's tail has 12 feathers, the Great Cormorant's 14 feathers. The green sheen on the feathers results in the alternative name "Green Cormorant" sometimes being given to the European Shag. ...
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