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Shag, Antarctic
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Phalacrocorax bransfieldensis
Brazil, Chile, Global, South America Read more
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This species has a very large range, and hence does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under the range size criterion (Extent of Occurrence <20,000 km2 combined with a declining or fluctuating range size, habitat extent/quality, or population size and a small number of locations or severe ...
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The Imperial Shag (Phalacrocorax atriceps) is a black and white cormorant native to many subantarctic islands, the Antarctic Peninsula and southern South America, primarily in rocky coastal regions, but locally also at large inland lakes. It is sometimes placed in the genus Leucocarbo instead. It is also known as the Blue-eyed Shag, Blue-eyed Cormorant and by many other names, and is one of a larger group of cormorants called blue-eyed shags.[ 2] The taxonomy is very complex, and several subspecies are often considered separate species instead. ...
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