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Sandgrouse, Spotted
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Pterocles senegallus
Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, Global, Horn of Africa, India, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, PakistanIndiaBanghladesh Read more
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The global population size has not been quantified, but the species is described as widespread and common throughout most of its range (Madge and McGowan 2002). ...
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The Spotted Sandgrouse reaches a length of about 33 centimetres (13 in). The male has a small reddish-brown nape surrounded by a band of pale grey that extends to the bill and round the neck in a collar. The chin, neck and throat are orange and the breast grey. The upper parts are pinkish-grey with blackish patches on the wings, tail and lower belly. The female also has an orange throat region but is generally duller in plumage than the male. The body colour is greyish-brown liberally spotted with small dark markings and with dark patches on the wings, tail and lower belly. The central tail feathers in both sexes are elongated but not to the extent that they are in the Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (Pterocles alchata).[ 2] ...
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