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Robin, Flame
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Petroica phoenicea
Australasia, Australia, Global Read more
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This species is locally common, with a population probably numbering c.1 million mature individuals, roughly equating to c.1.5 million total individuals. ...
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The position of the Flame Robin and its Australian relatives on the passerine family tree is unclear; the Petroicidae are not closely related to either the European or American Robins but appear to be an early offshoot of the Passerida group of songbirds. The Flame Robin is predominantly insectivorous, pouncing on prey from a perch in a tree, or foraging on the ground. A territorial bird, the Flame Robin employs song and plumage displays to mark out and defend its territory. Classified by BirdLife International as Near Threatened, the species has suffered a marked decline in the past 25 years. ...
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