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Puffleg, Turquoise-throated
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Eriocnemis godini
Colombia, Ecuador, Global, South America Read more
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Any remaining population is assumed to be tiny (numbering fewer than 50 individuals and mature individuals), with no confirmed records since the 19th century. ...
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Based on the few known specimens, it has a total length of 10-11 centimetres. The plumage of the male is predominantly green with a turquoise tinted throat. Both sexes have violet blue untertail-coverts and a straight black bill. The upperparts and the main part of the underparts are shimmering golden green in the males. Rump and uppertail-coverts are bluish green. The throat is pale violet blue and the forked tail is bluish black. The female lacks the throat patches, its plumage is less light and the belly more golden. Like all pufflegs it has striking leg-puffs of dense white downy feather tufts. ...
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