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Pochard, Common
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Aythya ferina
Afghanistan, Africa, Alaska, Albania, Asia, Atlantic Islands, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, British Isles, Bulgaria, Burundi, California, Canada, Central Africa, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, East Africa, Eastern Europe excluding Russia, England, Estonia, Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Global, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Horn of Africa Read more
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The global population is estimated to number c.2,200,000-2,500,000 individuals (Wetlands International 2006), while national population sizes have been estimated at c.10,000 individuals on migration and <c.10,000 wintering individuals in Korea and <c.100 breeding pairs and c.1,000 wint ...
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The adult male has a long dark bill with a grey band, a red head and neck, a black breast, red eyes and a grey back. The adult female has a brown head and body and a narrower grey bill-band. The triangular head shape is distinctive. Pochards are superficially similar to the closely related North American Redhead and Canvasback. ...
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