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Pochard, Baer's
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Aythya baeri
Asia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Global, Hong Kong, India, IndoChina, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, PakistanIndiaBanghladesh, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam Read more
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W. Xin, C. Lei, L. Jinyu and T. Fox in litt. (2012) stated that 'we fear that the global population is now less than 1,000 individuals and could be very much lower than this', and so it is placed in the band 250-999 individuals, equating to 167-666 mature individuals, rounded here to 150-700 mat ...
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At 41–46 cm, it is similar in size and stance to its close relative the Ferruginous Duck (A. nyroca), although the coloration of the drakes (males) is entirely different. Baer's Pochard males are similar to those of the Greater Scaup (A. marila), but have a dark back and upper flanks; the white lower flanks and belly are conspicuous. The females of Baer's Pochard and the Ferruginous Duck are quite similar, but that holds true for the females of almost all Aythya species. Eclipse males resemble females, but retain the white eye.[ 2] ...
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