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Pipit, Nilgiri
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Anthus nilghiriensis
Asia, Global, India, PakistanIndiaBanghladesh Read more
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Recent surveys suggest that the species occurs at a density of c.0.1 birds/ha in suitable, protected habitat, and that the total area of montane grassland in its range may be only 400 km2 , not all of which will be suitable for the species (U. J. Vinod in litt. 2010). Assuming that the majority of b ...
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The Nilgiri Pipit is about 12.6–14 centimetres (5.0–5.5 in) long and is richly coloured, has dark lores, a buff supercilium and throat. It lacks any malar stripes. The flanks, breast and sides of neck are brighter buff and that bill is completely dark. The crown is heavily streaked in black as are the upperparts. The outer tail feathers are also buff coloured and there is no white in the plumage. The streaking on the breast is fine and it extends along the flanks.[ 2] [ 3] [ 4] ...
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