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Pigeon, Tooth-billed
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Didunculus strigirostris
Asia, Global, Polynesia Read more
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The population estimate of 1,000-2,499 individuals is derived from U. Beichle (in litt. 2000). This equates to 667-1,666 mature individuals, rounded here to 600-1,700 mature individuals. The lack of recent records suggests that the total population may now be far lower than this, possibly fewer than ...
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The species was probably found in October or November 1839, by the United States' Exploring Expedition under Commander Wilkes. The discovery of the bird was announced by Hugh Edwin Strickland in September 1844 as being among the rarities obtained by Mr. Titian Peale, the naturalist of the expedition. The formal description was made by William Jardine (Ann. Nat. Hist. xvi. p. 175, plate 9), under the name of Gnathodon strigirostris, although that genus name was already in use for a mollusc.[ 2] ...
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