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Pheasant, Edwards's
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Lophura edwardsi
Asia, Global, IndoChina, Vietnam Read more
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The complete lack of records since 2000 suggests that any remaining wild population is now tiny (S. Mahood in litt. 2012), and it has even been suggested that the species may already be extinct in the wild. In the absence of better data the population is placed here in the band 50-249 mature indivi ...
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There are two varieties; the nominate form L. e. edwardsi has a white crest and upper tail, whereas the northern form L. e. hatinhensis is found with a variable number of white retrices. This difference in the two forms may be due to inbreeding of a restricted, fragmented population there, and has also been seen in captive, inbred L. e. edwardsi. The northern form is sometimes given a separate species status by some authors, Vietnamese Pheasant, Lophura hatinhensis (Vo Quy, 1975). ...
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