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Petrel, Cook's
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Pterodroma cookii
Alaska, Asia, Australasia, Australia, British Columbia, California, Canada, Central America and Caribbean, Chile, Global, Melanesia, Mexico, Micronesia, New Zealand, North America, Oregon, Peru, Polynesia, South America, United States, Washington Read more
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M. Rayner (in litt . 2012) estimates over 650,000 mature individuals on Little Barrier in 2007 and c.15,000 mature individuals on the Cod Fish Islands in 2008, thus the total population estimate is rounded to c.670,000 mature individuals. ...
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This species is highly pelagic, except when nesting, which it does on offshore islands, forest ridges, or steep slopes. The Cook’s Petrel breeds only in New Zealand on three small islands: Little Barrier Island, Great Barrier Island, and Codfish Islands. It migrates to the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand when it is not breeding. It sometimes can be seen well off the west coast of the United States and well off the west coast of tropical South America. Cook's Petrel feeds mostly on fish and squid, with some crustaceans taken[citation needed ]. ...
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