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Penguin, Snares
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Eudyptes robustus
Australasia, Australia, Global, New Zealand Read more
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A survey in 2010 found 25,905 nests on North-East Island and 5,161 nests on Broughton (J. Hiscock in litt . 2012), suggesting that there are c.31,000 pairs, or c.62,000 mature individuals. This is assumed to equate to a total population of c.93,000 individuals. ...
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This penguin nests in small (10 nests) to large (1200 nests) colonies under forest cover or the open. Main colonies are located on North East Island, other colonies are established on Broughton Island as well as the rocky Western Chain. The Snares Penguin's main prey is krill, supplemented by squid and small fish. The species is currently rated as 'vulnerable' by the IUCN as its breeding range is restricted to one small island group. The current population is estimated at around 25,000 breeding pairs. ...
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