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Peafowl, Congo
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Afropavo congensis
Africa, Central Africa, Global Read more
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The population size is preliminarily estimated to fall into the band 2,500-9,999 mature individuals. This equates to 3,750-14,999 individuals, rounded here to 3,500-15,000 individuals. In 2004-2005, fieldwork in Salonga National Park gave a sighting rate of one individual every 9.03 km. ...
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The Congo Peacock (Afropavo congensis) is a species of peafowl. The male is a large bird of up to 64–70 cm (25–28 in) in length. Its feathers are deep blue with a metallic green and violet tinge. It has bare red neck skin, grey feet, and a black tail with fourteen feathers. Its head is adorned with vertical white elongated hair-like feathers on its crown. The female measures up to 60–63 cm (24–25 in) and is generally a chestnut brown bird with a black abdomen, metallic green back, and a short chestnut brown crest. Both sexes resemble immature Asian Peafowl, with early stuffed birds being erroneously classified as such before they were officially discovered as a unique species. ...
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