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Peacock-pheasant, Hainan
Bird Info
Bird Info
Scientific Name:
Polyplectron katsumatae
Asia, China, Global Read more
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The population was estimated at 300 individuals in 2000. However, this is considered to be an underestimate (Liang Wei in litt. 2010, Zhang Zhengwang in litt. 2010). Based on an estimated population of 2,700 individuals in 1990, and assuming the population has declined at 50-79% over the past 15 yea ...
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The bird was long considered a subspecies of Grey Peacock-Pheasant or Polyplectron bicalcaratum, despite the two species barely having even superficial similarities. The Hainan Peacock-Pheasant is obviously smaller, and it possesses a short crest and ruff (Johnsgard 1986).[full citation needed ] Beebe (1922)[full citation needed ] noted various plumage differences between the two and considered them separate species. It is unclear why the subspecies status of P. katsumatae had remained for so long, when little to no evidence existed to validate subspecies status.[ 1] It appears to be a case of a lack of published evidence. ...
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