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Partridge, Stone
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Ptilopachus petrosus
Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Global, Horn of Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, North Africa, Uganda, West Africa Read more
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The global population size has not been quantified, but the species is reported to be locally common to abundant (del Hoyo et al. 1994, Fuller et al. 2000). ...
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There is some confusion in the naming of this species because the name of this bird in many languages translates literally into English as "rock partridge". For instance, in Dutch the species is rotspatrij, in German - Felsenhenne, in French - poulette de roche - all literal translations of "rock partridge". The bird known as Rock Partridge in English is actually a member of another genus, the Alectoris graeca. The confusion is further compounded as in some languages Alectoris species are known by names that literally translate as stone partridge. In Dutch, steenpatrij, in German Steinhuhn; Red-legged Partridge (A. rufa) being rode steenpatrij in Dutch. Further complication arises as, particularly within the USA, the name "rock partridge" has been used for a variety of Alectoris species and hybrids. The international bird trade, for sport, aviaries and meat, has led to misapplication of various of these common and scientific names. Alectoris and Ptilopachus species are actually very different in size and habits, Ptilopachus being only 20–25 cm long. ...
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