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Parrot, Thick-billed
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha
Arkansas, Central America and Caribbean, Global, Mexico, North America, United States Read more
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In 2004, the population was thought to number 3,000-6,000 individuals. The are possibly c.2,800 mature individuals, derived from the statement by Ortiz Maciel and Cruz Nieto (2004) that an estimate of up to 140 nests in the Bisaloachic-Cebadillas region represented c.10% of the total known bree ...
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The Thick-billed Parrot is a medium-sized, up to 38 cm (15 in) long, bright green parrot with a large black bill and a red forecrown, shoulder and thighs. Adult eyes are amber, while juveniles have brown eyes. The rest of the bird is bright green. Thick-billed Parrots show red shoulders and leading edge on the underwing, followed by a blackish green stripe, then a yellow stripe, followed by the remaining underwing showing dark green. It appears to show a blackish tail.[ 2] ...
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