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Parakeet, Malherbe's
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Cyanoramphus malherbi
Australasia, Global, New Zealand Read more
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Although the population numbered several hundreds prior to 2000, a prolific increase in the population of rats and stoats within its restricted South Island range induced a rapid population decline and the total population has remained well below its previous levels. Successful translocations on two ...
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For many years the Malherbe's Parakeet was considered a subspecies or as colour variant [ 3] of the commoner Yellow-crowned Parakeet. More recent research has shown that it is a valid species.[ 4] They live in Nothofagus forest in the South Island of New Zealand, although they may have had a wider range of habitats prior to the arrival of humans. They have been threatened by the felling of old growth forest, which provided the older trees which they nested in, by overgrazing of the low bushes which they fed in, and by predation by introduced rats, stoats and cats. ...
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