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Parakeet, El Oro
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Pyrrhura orcesi
Ecuador, Global, South America Read more
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The largest single population out of 5-6 known localities is at Buenaventura, where 171 individuals were estimated in 2005-2006, but its cooperative breeding system means that the number of breeding birds may be significantly fewer (H. M. Schaefer in litt. 2012).  It is best placed in the band 250 ...
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The body is mostly covered by a darkish green color with a red forehead (the females lack the red forehead). The edges of the wings, and the end of the tail, also have this same red color. On the outer edges of the wings, there is a bluish color. Feet are dark grey, the eyes are surrounded by a white circle and the bill is horn colored. It is approximately 22 cm long and weighs 73g. ...
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