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Parakeet, Antipodes
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Cyanoramphus unicolor
Australasia, Global, New Zealand Read more
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The total population is estimated to number 2,000-3,000 individuals, roughly equivalent to 1,300-2,000 mature individuals. ...
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The Antipodes Parakeet or Antipodes Island Parakeet (Cyanoramphus unicolor) is endemic to the Antipodes Islands of New Zealand, one of two parrot species found on the islands. It is the largest species in the genus Cyanoramphus at 30 cm (12 in) long.[ 2] The parakeets eat leaves, buds, grass, and tussock stalks, as well as sometimes feeding on seeds, flowers, and will scavenge dead seabirds. The Antipodes Parakeet also preys on Grey-backed Storm Petrels. It will enter burrows to kill incubating adults, even dig at the entrance if it is too small.[ 3] In this way it is rare amongst parrots for its use of other birds as prey items, a feature shared by the kea in the Kaikoura region. Antipodes Parakeets spend much of their time on the ground and in very small groups, pair or solitary. Restricted to the islands that bear their name they are also present on the mainland in small numbers in captivity which was founded by less than 20 birds. ...
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