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Thrush, Chestnut-backed
Bird Info
Bird Info
Conservation status
Scientific Name:
Zoothera dohertyi
Asia, East Timor, Global, Indonesia Read more
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Variably common, the species has declined to near (if not total) extinction on Lombok and Sumbawa. The total population is estimated to fall within the band 24,600-47,300 individuals. ...
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The Chestnut-backed thrush (Zoothera dohertyi) is a ground thrush species endemic to Lombok, Timor and the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. The species is rapidly declining and it is already extinct on Lombok and possibly on Lesser Sunda. According to the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) there are only 19 European institutions which hold this species, including: - Birdworld, Bristol Zoo, Chester Zoo, Durrell Wildlife Park, Burgers' Zoo and Waddesdon Manor aviary. Six of these zoos have successfully bred them since October 2011 and there are now 91 of them in these institutions. Private Members of the Foreign Bird League in the UK are participating in the breeding scheme for this species and are being particularly successful. More information on the Foreign Bird League can be found at www.foreignbirdleague.com ...
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